Carriages For Sale

1910 Hercules Buggy

Antique ,Good condition.Garage kept. Asking $ 1,200.00


Both carriages are horse size.Easily pulled by a 14 hand Fjord horse.


Queens Phaeton built by Justin Carriage Works

Very good condition,garage kept. Asking $ 2,400.00.


  1. Hello.

    That is a lovely carriage.

    Do you still have it and if so,
    could it be pulled by a single 16h friesian?

    Thank you for your time,


  2. Btw:

    The website has noted that I posted this at 1:00 AM tomorrow but that it is now 8:02 PM on Tuesday, February 5.

    I’m only pointing this out because sometimes if there a i’m only pointing this out because minor glitches can be symptoms of worse problems.

    At this point we have probably all had something hacked into (or worse)

    i hope that this problem is nothing so major as that.

  3. I tried to email you that i want to buy the ‘Phaeton’.

    The email didn’t go through.

    I still want to buy it.

    You said make an offer.

    How about $2200?

    Thank you!


    D’arcy Wretzky-Brown

    Ph: 269-325-7690

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