Clover Oaks Fjords at the Dunedin Christmas Parade

We took two of our Fjords, Lila and Lena, to the Dunedin Old Fashioned Christmas and Holiday Parade on December 10, 2011.  The girls were incredibly popular with the kids, and a lot of adults, too.  Three straight hours of rides.  They behaved beautifully, as usual!



Milius Scores BIG at First Show


COF Milius (aka, Milo) owned and trained by Amy Sakovich of White Sun Stables, had his first outing at a Dressage Show and he was AMAZING!  Watch the video and judge for yourself!

Milo was sired by Olie.  His dame was Lila.


Breeding European Draft Horses in Brooksville Results in Rare Stock

(From the St. Petersburg Times)

Ocala is known as Florida’s horse country, there’s a pocket of Hernando County — back behind the scrub, approachable only on limestone roads, under shady oaks — engaged in an unusual horse enterprise: the breeding of European Ardennes. “They’re a short, wide draft horse,” said breeder-owner Joyce Concklin of Clover Oaks Farm, north of High Point in northwest Hernando. “They’re heavy-boned, short-coupled, built for farming, built for strength.”

But she mainly drives them, pulling carriages and carts in competitions and exhibitions.